Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

Now, I will tell you who I am in just a minute...

But first let me tell you WHO I WAS.

I reluctantly decided to give online marketing a try.

  • Got presents to buy for the holidays? One email could easily finance your entire holiday season.

All I did...and all you have to get yourself a list of people who have proven they'll buy.


I say, "BUY IT!"


Jimmy D. Brown

- Jimmy D. Brown



It was great to have you on board to promote my new membership site,

What surprised me was that your list has gotten even more responsive over time.

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Andrew Fox

- Andrew Fox



Just look out what he did for Guru Slayer…

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Mo Latif

- Mo Latif


How to turn a freebie into a buyer?

I really couldn't believe what I was seeing.

That's the kind of power he's handing you, probably for a price you won't believe.

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Now fast forward two more weeks...



Dylan Loh

- Dylan Loh


He's one of the best, if not the best, super-affiliates in the world.

If you're smart, you'll ask yourself why he's able to do that.

When he let me take a look at the course, he told me it had some tips for adding buyers to a list.

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    Was he ever being modest!

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    "Are You Breaking The Law?"


    Chris X

    - Chris X


    This is a gold mine if you apply the ten killer strategies he includes in the course.

    And he's going to reveal them all in Get More Buyers. That's rare.

    He told us he was going to promote. We expected good things. What we saw was awesome…

    If you want results like that, Get More Buyers needs to be in your head.

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    Rob Benwell

    - Rob Benwell



    And for those of you reading this, let me define "destroyed" for you…

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    But here's the part that should send a tingle down your spine…

    He started late.

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    Brad Callen

    - Brad Callen



    Thanks again for promoting Affiliate Elite.

    Put simply... Don't beat around the bush. Just get the course.

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    Keith Wellman

    - Keith Wellman



    As always thanks for promoting for us. It's always a pleasure.

    To anybody considering Get More Buyers, I would just say this…

    Sound good? Then pick up your copy of Get More Buyers and read it!

    I've read it. I'm using it. I'll keep using it. So should you.

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    Michael Cheney

    - Michael Cheney



    As you know, Automatic Income System sold out within a week. It was an onslaught.

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    Mike Filsaime


    "Get More Buyers"

    Here's What You'll Learn In This Amazing Video Course:

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    And so much more!

    Wow! All That From One Course?

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    At this point, you might be thinking...

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    Brian McElroy

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    "Hi Michael,

    Your advice is GOLD Michael- I can't wait to roll this out full force!

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